Our Mission:

Zak & Nat™ is dedicated to bringing social and emotional learning to life…and making it fun! We create appealing and useful activities for kids and adults to use together to promote healthier and happier interactions. Equipped with social and emotional tools, children and the grown-ups in their lives can build stronger relationships, transforming everyday challenges into opportunities. We think that is pretty cool.

Empowering Kids & Adults to Connect and Stay Connected


Zak & Nat™ and the Keep Calm Kit™ – How It All Began…

There are numerous and wondrous reasons why it is an honor to be in the company of a child. That being said, not everything is just super spectacular when it comes to interacting with children! It’s the challenging stuff that really got me thinking and led to the creation of Zak & Nat™. This company was founded along my professional and personal voyage (including being a children’s book author), hoping to bring the need for social and emotional learning to the forefront of our goals for teaching young children, despite the societal challenges that get in the way.

My personal and professional voyage

I have spent years working with families struggling with various behavior issues as a licensed clinical social worker. As a mother of two spirited kids, I’ve also had my own share of being faced with behavioral challenges. One particularly unpleasant space to be in is the intense world of tantrum behaviors. Somehow, even though I am well-versed in these topics, I also was tested by them as a parent. I couldn’t seem to access this knowledge and would often find myself in the very same cycle I was helping others try to change. Very frustrating to say the least!! Aside from dealing with the question of why so many of us have such a difficult time dealing with tantrums effectively (including myself!), I also began on my quest to find a better solution that could actually be implemented when needed. With further exploration I realized there was a missing link. I was lucky to have a lot of experience and knowledge but I needed an effective approach to access all of the necessary information just when I needed it. I was determined to help myself, and my kids, and help others do the same!

In search of the missing link

This is when Zak & Nat™ began the process of tackling this missing piece. What could happen if kids and grown-ups had the hands-on activities to manage tantrums that incorporated the various strategies that I formed, discovered, and shared with my clients, and also tried with my own children? We continued to think about ways to make it easily accessible and understood. Our goal was to find a way to build the bridge between knowledge and action so that we could more effectively confront tantrums and actually tame them!

To proactively manage tantrums

This missing link ultimately became the Keep Calm Kit™! The Kit provides hands on opportunities to help manage the universal challenge of tantrum behaviors. Our simple, yet impactful approach has enormous benefit for adults who interact and work with young children-parents, caregivers, and professionals alike. With hands-on tools and coaching, both kids and grown-ups will be empowered to help one another while helping themselves. When tantrums can be tamed, there is more time to experience peace and harmony instead of stress!

We are truly excited about this opportunity to travel over the bridge, together with you, and the children in your life. Let’s start taking more Time-IN so we can confidently tackle tantrums by creating opportunities for self-awareness, finding calm, patience, and connectedness!


About Randi:

Randi Goldfarb, Founder and President of Zak & Nat™ (a division of Proactive Connections, LLC) is a seasoned Licensed Clinical Social Worker, published author, mother of two young, spirited boys and a big believer in navigating the challenges of parenting toward something that is productive, satisfying and fun!

For over a decade, Randi worked in outpatient radiation therapy providing concrete and emotional support to patients of all ages diagnosed with cancer and their families. In her private practice over the years, Randi worked with countless children and families, helping them better manage everyday life, as well as crises.

As the designer of the new Keep Calm Kit™, Randi utilizes her creative juices along with her passion to empower kids along with grown-ups to build stronger, healthier relationships. This unique Kit provides practical and fun solutions for managing the universal challenges of childhood tantrum behaviors.

Like most of us, Randi has little time to spare but when she can, she loves to ride her bike or go for a brisk walk to keep the adrenaline flowing, trying to solve another challenge, as she is inspired by the beauty and potential around her.