Keep Calm Kit™: Take Action and Keep Calm

The Keep Calm Kit™ is an ideal solution for managing the universal challenge of tantrums without needing to invest much extra time. We provide you with numerous, fun, practical, and easy to use activities that helps both kids and adults regroup and calm down before or after a tantrum erupts. Fringe benefits: Grown-ups can disengage in the tantrum dynamic while helping kids build competence in important and valuable life skills.

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Zak & Nat are on a Mission

Zak & Nat™ is dedicated to bringing social and emotional learning to life—and making it fun!

We create appealing, and useful products for kids of varied abilities and adults to use together, that promote healthier and happier interactions. We provide consultation to communities and early childhood settings to promote social emotional skill building and development.

Zak & Nat™ empowers children and the grown-ups in their lives to build vital life skills as they create stronger relationships, transforming everyday challenges into opportunities. We think that is pretty cool.

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